5 Reasons why Insurance Brokers are the Captains of the Industry

The world of insurance is notoriously complex, so why try to understand it yourself? Get a trained professional to navigate the choppy waters, saving you hassle and money in the process! But who are the captains that keep you afloat in these stormy seas? They are the gallant insurance brokers. Here’s why you should get on board and use one to take out your next policy!

Get an insurance broker to sail the stormy seas for you

Number One

Insurance brokers offer a customer driven service, tailored to your specific needs. They use their vast knowledge of the industry and wealth of contacts to negotiate the best deal for you. It also means you don’t have to worry about that boring legal reading, as they read the terms and conditions with respect to your policy! (It’s always worth covering your own back though and giving the documents a quick once over yourself.) 😉

Number Two

Brokers offer a rare personal touch in a world that is becoming dominated by computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you’re looking for a simple policy, or if your situation is much more complex, they’ll always look to help you no matter what. Brokers are the heartbeat of the industry! Without them, the world of insurance couldn’t function, as there would be no-one to sell the products to you.

Number Three

Making an insurance claim can be a long, tedious and often stressful task. So why put yourself through unnecessary pressure? Brokers may act as your personal claims managers as you kick back and relax, knowing that you are in safe and capable hands as they manage the process and get you the compensation you deserve. So long as you have given them all the details required.

Number Four

If you don’t use a broker, you could be left at the mercy of price comparison sites. These are algorithm driven, meaning that sometimes the policy you take out may not actually cover everything you want it to! You lose the personal touch that you get from an insurance broker. The questions asked are not as in depth, meaning there could be significant gaps in your cover. After all, the process is automated and there could be no way to check that the details you’re putting in are even correct. So, although the price may look more attractive, it may not include what you want to insure. Or even worse, your policy may not be valid at all!

Number Five

The failure of price comparison sites works the opposite way too. They can assume things about your cover that may not be true. This includes whether you made a claim after an accident. If they incorrectly assumed that you did claim, it could increase the cost of your premium by over 25%. If you visit a broker directly, then you cut out the middleman and can save hundreds of pounds!

But where can I sign up to this Pleasure Cruise?

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