Share Trading

Broker Direct Plc shares are traded via a dealing facility operated by Asset Match Ltd.

Asset Match:

  • The Asset Match trading facility operates under its own code of practice which governs the behaviour of participants and the running of the periodic auctions. Asset Match operates an open auction system where volumes of bids and offers at different prices are displayed on its website together with the closing date of the auction. At the end of each auction period Asset Match pass this information through a non-discretionary algorithm that determines a “market-derived” share price based on supply and demand and allocates transactions accordingly. Bids and offers may be made and withdrawn at any time before the closing date of each auction.
  • Is not a recognised investment exchange, recognised clearing house or regulated market within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

You can view historic trade prices at but you should note that only relatively modest volumes of shares are traded each month compared to the 4,025,934 issued share capital of the company i.e. there is a relatively illiquid market in Broker Direct Plc shares and therefore deal the prices may or may not represent a fair valuation.

If you wish to make use of the Asset Match facility for buying and selling shares in Broker Direct Plc, you will need to:

  1. Register with them at and
  2. Have an account with their main broker and settlement agent, shareDeal active via their website or by phone on 01892 700 800.

Alternatively, other brokers may be set up to deal. You can check with Asset Match to find out if your broker is on this list.

Neville Registrars

If you have any queries regarding your shareholding or wish to advise any amendments, such as change of address, such as change of address, please contact our Registrars:

Neville Registrars Limited

Neville House

Steelpark Road


West Midlands

B62 8HD

Tel: 0121 585 1131

Email: [email protected]


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