Meet Our UK Development Manager

Helen has been with BD for almost 7 years and has made an incredible impact on our Business Development team, forging strong relationships with BD’s insurance brokers and business partners in this time. We sat down with her to find out about her time with us and what she does to unwind.

Tell us about your background, career-to-date and how you came to be in your position.

I worked with Broker Direct for over 15 years when I was the insurance partnership manager at Auto Windscreens. After 20 years there and after spending some time at Aviva, I joined Broker Direct to head up the Business Development team. I have been here for 7 years in May. Towards the end of 2021, I moved into the role of Business Development Manager for the Proficient side of the business. My role now is mainly in Proficient, the claims side of the business, but I still oversee the agency side of the Broker Direct business for Relationship Management and Development, heavily supported by Amy.

What is the main role of your department and how does it benefit the business?

We are the link really between all our broker and business partners with Broker Direct and Proficient. Clearly we have experts in all the departments throughout the business and our role in the development team is to get answers and find solutions for our partners, to make doing business with us as easy as possible. We utilise all the skills from all areas of the business to deliver new and existing propositions and products. We are on hand to support current and new brokers and partners to help navigate them through processes when dealing with Broker Direct or Proficient.

How did you start at Broker Direct and what has your experience been like while working here?

I LOVE working at Broker Direct! It’s the people that make it different and a great place to work. Without exception everyone has the customers’ best interest at heart, all pull in the same direction and look to support each other and we are always conscious of other people’s agendas and deadlines.

We have fun along the way and there is always something interesting going on in the way of quizzes, nights out, fundraising, or green issues to get involved in.

What have been your biggest achievements so far at Broker Direct?

Although I had worked with insurers and brokers previously, I was not very technically knowledgeable around insurance and insurance products. Broker Direct gave me the opportunity to complete my CII (Chartered Institute of Insurance Certificate). This was a great way to get to understand ‘the meat on the bone of insurance’. It was difficult getting back to studying, but after passing it was a real rewarding feeling to know that even at my age, I could still learn something new. Also seeing my team progress into more senior roles is great, knowing that with the right support and encouragement that they have the confidence to go one step further in their career is great to see.

What do you want to achieve in the short and long-term?

New business is always great and if we can build our partnerships and broker portfolio, that would be brilliant. Keeping our current partners happy and making sure with the support of the business we deliver what we have set out to do. My team is also crucial to making this happen and I will continue to support them in the short and long term. Broker Direct is celebrating 25 years this year- some people have been here since it was founded – what an achievement! If we continue to do what we do with the great team around us, I have no doubt that we will still be celebrating people and continuing success in another 25 years.

Do you have a message for our brokers, partners or current employees?

We are always trying to find new and better ways of doing things – no idea is a bad idea, we need to share these and keep talking to get the good stuff in place. Sometimes we are hit with issues that we can’t resolve overnight, but I do believe we always have everyone’s best interest at heart. This is a partnership, not only Broker Direct with clients and customers but internally within the different departments within the business. We all need each other to make a success of Broker Direct. Every person no matter what job they do is important – after all what would a Bakewell tart be without the cherry on the top! All the ingredients together make a great cake, but without the cherry its just not complete. All individuals play the part and are the cherry on our Broker Direct Bakewell!

What are your main interests or hobbies away from work?

I have a cat called Dexter – he’s an old boy now and as a rescue cat, I have no idea how old he is! Based on the fact he is deaf and only has 3 teeth left I would say about 18 maybe. I also love going to the gym most days if I can. Just in the process of moving into a new house in Yorkshire, which is exciting not only because it’s a new home move, but also I will be relocating from the Wirral to do so. A whole new chapter and one I’m excited for. I remain an avid Rick Astley fan (for my sins) and for any of you doubters out there, I can reliably inform you he did do more than one song (Never Gonna Give You Up is only part of his repertoire 😉)

Tell us something not many people will know about you.

I can still (at 56) do a back somersault on a trampoline!!

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