BDQuizmas Answers

We hope you all enjoyed our BDQuizmas competition! We’re hard at work preparing the draw for the winner and will announce our winner in due course. Please find the answers we used to judge entries below:

What is the first name of the boy who is left “Home Alone” in the film of the same name?Kevin
Which famous author wrote the book “A Christmas Carol?”Charles Dickens
Which company is associated with changing the colour of Santa from green to red?Coca-Cola
Name one of the two countries which own a territory called “Christmas Island.” Australia/Kiribati
Which country traditionally gifts the Christmas tree that stands in Trafalgar Square? Norway
How many “Geese-a-laying” are there in the 12 days of Christmas? 6
According to the traditional Nativity story, Jesus was born in which city? Bethlehem
Which comedy actor plays the main character ‘Buddy’ in the film “Elf?” Will Ferrell
Which famous scientist was born on Christmas Day 1642? (Sir) Isaac Newton
Emilia Clarke works at an all-year round Christmas shop in which 2019 film? Last Christmas
Which group had the Christmas Number One in the UK each year from 1996-1998?The Spice Girls
Which character wants to steal Christmas in the book by Dr. Seuss?The Grinch
St. Nicholas was born in which modern-day country? Turkey
Which Bruce Willis film was voted by Empire magazine as “The Greatest Christmas Film of all Time” in 2010? Die Hard
Lapland is located in which country? Finland
In which year was Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” first released? 1984
Which city do the Pogues and Kirtsy MacColl sing about in their famous Christmas song? New York
Which King was crowned on Christmas Day in 1066? William I (The Conqueror)
Hugh Grant plays the Prime Minister in which Christmas-themed film? Love Actually
The Christmas Truce was the premise of an advert by which British supermarket chain in 2014? Sainsbury’s
Which X Factor winner had the UK’s Christmas Number One in 2006? Leona Lewis
What was Frosty the Snowman’s nose made of? A Button
What bird is traditionally served as the main course of a Christmas dinner? Turkey

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