6 Tips on making your Guy Fawkes Night a Sparkler of an Event

Remember, remember the 5th of November… But don’t forget to keep yourself as safe as possible to make make your Bonfire Night a true firecracker. Here are our tips so that could save your money, or even your life…

Number 1:

Try to attend your organised local display. These should have passed the regulatory standards and adhere to the fireworks code. At home, there are many additional risks, that could affect your insurance policies if your home is damaged. A stray firework could cause a lot of damage to both your home and car, so don’t take the chance.

Number 2:

Always light a sparkler outdoors. This may seem like an obvious one, but this is still a common problem. Their burning can cause smoke damage to your contents and the hot sparks could even start a fire! Unless the label clearly states that they are safe for indoor use, don’t take the chance.

Number 3:

When using sparklers, wear gloves to prevent injury and always remember to put it in a bucket of cold water after it has finished in order to prevent the risk of fire.

Number 4:

Bonfires obviously carry a fire risk. Burn them in an open space away from any wooden objects; keep a bucket of water close by in case of an accident and then use it to put out the bonfire at the end of the night. If you leave it to burn out, then this increases the fire risk.

Number 5:

Keep your contents safe in your home by looking after your pets. The loud banging can be startling for your animals and they could lash out, causing damage to your furniture. Try building them a den so that they feel comfortable, but most importantly never leave them alone.

Number 6:

And finally, please ensure your fireworks display finishes before midnight. The regular 11pm deadline is extended by an hour on Bonfire Night. Most likely this won’t affect your insurance, but it might not make you too popular with your neighbours!

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