Policy Validation

We are now validating all our motor policies. This capability will give us the confidence that the information disclosed is accurate and ensure we are charging the right premium for the right risk information. It will make an important contribution to reducing premiums for honest customers.

Don’t forget we are here to help so if at any point you would like to call us to discuss a case please feel free to pick up the phone and call us.

01204 600 262 - Validation Team

All motor new business cases will be checked against a range of publicly held information databases, once the EDI message gets to us.

Types of checks we carry out

Customer’s identity checks
Key rating factors are where a customer lives and their age.
Examples of innocent reasons that a customer may fail this check:

  • Mistyped date of birth
  • Incomplete names for example and initial rather than a full name; or
  • Clarification risk address or postcode.

Claims Experience
Previous claims experience is a key rating factor. Examples of innocent reasons that a customer may fail this check:

  • Minor or forgotten claims
  • Data entry error

Wider underwriting checks
A key part of risk acceptance is previous insurance experience.
Examples of innocent reasons that a customer may fail this check:

  • Data entry error

None of the searches we carry out have any impact on a customer’s future request for credit.

Working together with you we will try to ascertain why the policy has failed validation.
Supporting documentation will only be asked for where a policy has failed the validation process and has shown that the information held may not be accurate.

This does not automatically apply to existing customers, where a phone call to our Validation Team on 01204 600 262 could quickly resolve any issues.

If a policy fails validation we will contact you to request either that you contact us or you supply some supporting documentation to us within 14 days.

As soon as possible we would expect you to contact your customer to quickly check the accuracy of the policy information.

What Happens Next?

Policy Information Correct
There are genuine reasons that lead us to validate a policy and either a conversation with yourself or the receipt of documentation can confirm the policy information we hold is accurate and no further action is required.

Policy Amendment
If there has been a minor misrepresentation we will ask you to amend the policy and request any additional premium due.

Policy Cancelled or Voided
If supporting documentation is not received we may cancel the policy. We may also cancel or void the policy if a serious misrepresentation comes to light, but only if the policyholder has acted deliberately or carelessly in not telling us.

In all circumstances we will remain in contact with you to explain the reasoning behind any of our decisions.

How to avoid unnecessary validation

Please ensure as much data entry as possible is correctly and fully entered.

We require the policyholder’s full first name to match accurately. If you only enter a first initial the policy will be validated.

We require the policyholder’s correct date of birth to match accurately. If you default the day or month to “01” the policy will be validated.

Ask to see your customer’s driving licence so that you can confidently enter their full level of experience and ensure it is reflected in their quote.

Ask your customer for the month and year they purchased their vehicle, often this is left as the day the quote is processed.

We require details of convictions and endorsements for the previous 5 years. Our validation checks could highlight a missed conviction if it’s not recorded. So save time later, double check dates with your customer.

Don’t use any defaulted information, this could impact the competitiveness of the price we quote and could lead to unnecessary validation.

Commonly defaulted motor quote fields include: Vehicle value, Type of NCD, Claims values, Security type.